Scribes Banquet May 26: Beer Budget, Champagne Rugby

End of Season Banquet – Saturday, May 26thv – The Portside

To celebrate what has been a memorable season for so many reasons, both good and bad, this is a reminder to join us for the end of season banquet taking place on Saturday, May 26th.

Details of the event are below:

Venue: The Portside – Gastown
Date: Saturday, May 26th
K.O: 5:30 PM
Tickets: $40

Tickets can be purchased in advance from James Sheilds at tag on Wednesday nights or by etransfer to

Also, as we will already be decked out in our finest dress, why not throw in a proper hat and head to the horse races?!

Meet at hastings horse track at 1:30pm. Keep your pinkys out as you predict the outcome of some live races! From there we can head to the banquet together at 5:00pm

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