Insurance Plan

All team members are required to have basic medical coverage, either through BC MSP or an alternative medical insurance if ineligible for MSP.  Rugby Canada insurance policy does not provide medical coverage if you do not have basic medical insurance.

Here is what covered in the plan: click here

There is now a BC-wide rugby insurance plan for physio etc. for paid-up players. Please see below for steps for current insurance claim process:

  1. Notify Injury to ACE Insurance (call or email brief – please see below) – this OPENS up a claim
  2. Athlete Completes Injury Report and Insurance Waiver
  3. Coach/Manager/Medical Staff Complete Witness Report
  4. Submit forms to Provincial Union for Records
  5. All treatment (physiotherapy, AT, RMT, chiropractic) need Physician referral and all original receipts must be scanned and sent
  6. Submit to Rugby Canada forwarding to ACE Insurance
  7. Submit to ACE for reimbursement – this processes a claim
  8. How to notify an injury to ACE
  9. Claim Correspondence and Inquiries:
  10. Personal Accident Claims
  11. Call ACE INA at: Toll Free Number: 1-877-772-7797


Email: or Fax 416-368-0641 with the following information:

Policy: Rugby Canada / BC Rugby ACE Excess Medical Policy SG10397210
Name of Insured:
Date of Loss (accident or sickness)
Type of Loss – brief description of accident, place of loss and name of contact.

Key documents in a claim:

Injury Report – Form can be found here
Witness Report – Form can be found here
Physician’s Referral for Treatment
Invoice / Receipts for All Treatment
For more general questions the can contact our broker:
Insurance Contact List

Marsh Canada Limited, 161 Bay St., Suite 1400 Toronto, ON M5J 2S4


Andrew Gibbs – Client Executive Matthew Warnholtz – Client Representative
Tel: 416-868-7249 Tel: 416-868-7256
Fax: 416-815-3676 Fax: 416-815-3665