Member Dues

Thank you for your interest in joining Scribes Rugby Football Club.
You can now pay your membership dues online via the website.

Full Membership Dues for the 2017-18 season are just $360 for adult players and only $80 for minis.


Included in your dues are shorts, socks, Legion membership & additional insurance as detailed below.

Fine print

Here are some legal points that you may want to know.

1. The transaction currency that is to be applied

Membership dues can be paid in Canadian Dollars only.
– Kiwi Schillings, Aussie Crowns, or Irish Punts will not be accepted.

2. The country where your business is located and registered

Scribes RFC is located in East Vancouver, BC, and registered as a society.

3. A description of your merchandise and/or services including pricing

For now we are only selling memberships to the Scribes RFC.

4. Full customer service contact information, including mailing address, email address and telephone number

Customers can contact for support.

5. A clear return and refund policy

If you are not happy with your membership purchase, you can apply for a refund from

6. Export Restrictions if applicable

We do not export any products at this time.

7. Delivery Policy

Memberships will be delivered immediately on purchase via email confirmation. There are no extra shipping/handling fees.

Rugby Insurance
All registered players get an insurance top up included in their dues:

Everyone is expected to have MSP (BC’s public health system) or some sort of travel insurance that covers rugby. New residents to BC should apply for MSP as soon as they arrive here. There is a 3 month waiting period before your coverage starts, but get the process going before then. Here is the link to get more information and get the process started: 

When you pay your dues you are automatically signed up to BC’s excess medical plan. There is a process to make a claim, so before you do make sure you read the following page: