Coach’s Comments – Scribes Women at Westshore

[recap written by Coach Graham]

After a team breakfast at the hotel we arrived at Westshore on a sunny Saturday morning with high spirits.

The Scribes took to the field with no spares and showed well considering. Westshore had some very large weapons on their side and after a few big runs against us where we were attempting to tackle high, we soon corrected our body positioning and put some nice phases together before Marina scampered in to get us a tally on the board.

I am not sure the scoreline at half.

Having no spares made the coaching role quite easy and after a few positive words were shared we took to the field: same 10 players, dinged up, yet seemingly happy (although it is to be noted that Catherine Power was none too happy on the wing!)

There were many tries against us as Westshore began to involve some of their bigger more experienced players who linked quite well as we were, no doubt fatigued, and lost some of our structure. However, late in the game the true heart of the team shined through and we put Jodi through a great gap which she flew through and went under the posts to touch down for our second try.

Final score 82 – 12 to Westshore.

Overall, it was a beautiful day and there were many positives to be said about our team structure, with much improvement in our body positioning in the tackle and in ruck situations.

6 years ago
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