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Good game at the weekend against Kats. The score was 5-5 with Devan getting the Try. We could have won it if we decided to kick for points from a penalty under the posts at the end, but we’ll never know. Scribe of the year 2011, Ollie “110%” Von Glaserhausen, made a hard-hitting guest appearance. The game almost turned ugly at the end but a draw was the fair result.
There’s a bye week for the league for Thanksgiving but there’s rugby on tap at the Gobbler:

Gobbler tournament this weekend.

We are looking for players to go to Abbotsford to play in the Gobbler tournament. It is a 15 a side tournament over two days. We have joined up with Chilliwack for the tournament. It should be a lot of fun and there is a big party planned for the Saturday night. The tournament has a theme of “Blast from the past” and the Scribes-Chilliwack-Bellingham team are planning to dress up as Cave men…

More information about the tournament can be found here: http://www.bcrugby.com/events/2012/10/06/main/35th-gobbler-class-rugby-tournament-abbotsford/

Marcus will look into booking some hotel rooms as soon as I can get people to confirm that they are going.

Americas Championship

As you already know there are some international games coming up in Victoria. Marcus would like to know who is interested in going to the USA v’s Uruguay & Canada v’s Argentina on October 20th. We are scheduled to play Brit Lions that day, but if we can get the game to be played at 11.30am, that will give us enough time to get the 3pm ferry and make it to the first game for a 5.30pm kick off.

Of course we will stay in Victoria that evening and have a night out on the town.

Please let Marcus know who is interested and we can see if we can get an 11.30 kick off with Brit Lions.

More information: http://www.americasrugbychampionship.com/leagues/custom_page.cfm?leagueID=6921&clientID=2581&pageID=13263&wpoll=view&CFID=1142891&CFTOKEN=23395237

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