Week 4: Scribes Surprise SFU

Sept 28, 2019

The Scribes Men leveraged a quick strike offense and overwhelmed SFU en route to a 48-8 victory.

Coach Sam Lyon has a number of highly skilled runners to deploy in the backfield, and the well executed set pieces allowed Scribes to expose gaps in the SFU defense. The net result was three first half tries, and a half dozen more tries in the second half.

After the game, several players and supporters agreed that the brand of attacking rugby on display was some of the most exciting that has been produced by Scribes in the last five or six years. The Scribes vs SFU matchups last season were very closely contested, including a tie, but both clubs finished on the wrong side of the playoff cut line. Today’s lopsided victory should give Scribes confidence that they can pick up victories against the mid-table teams and be competitive with Division 2’s leading teams this season.

Next Saturday offers the lads a strong test against one of those leading teams, as Scribes travel to the Fraser Valley to face Langley RC.

4 years ago
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