Game at UBC and Other News

We had a hard loss against Kats last week 15-3.

Thanks to all the supporters that came to watch our effort on Saturday it was good to see the sideline full and greater to hear you guys cheering us on. As a team we greatly appreciate all you for us off the field.

Friday Training:
Back to this week, there is a training session tomorrow (Friday). The all weather pitch booking confirmed for tomorrow at 6:30pm.

This week’s game is against UBC. Kick off at 11:30am at Wolfson Field. Here’s a map link:
It takes longer than people expect to get up to UBC so meet at the lounge for 9:30am and take off at 9:45.

There’s been a few new guys coming out to training. Remember that your dues must be paid in order to play on Saturday. Go to to pay your dues.

Painting party:
Painting party Sunday October 26 in the house in Surrey.
We need some painting and small upgrades done at the Surrey property on Sunday October 26 – yes this coming Sunday. Plan will be to meet at the lounge at 10am and then car pool out to the property. If we start early we will be done by 1-2.00pm. If you have them bring some paint rollers and brushes and any leftover indoor paint you have. The last work party was a disgrace – only 4 guys showed up! This property is the reason why our dues are so low and what help’s pay for the discounted clothing, equipment & will eventually provide money towards a tour. Please reply to this post that you are available:

Halloween Party
Halloween Partyat the Lounge on Nov. 1. Details to follow.

Seattle Tour:
Saturday Dec 6th. Plan is to have a training session with their coaches (also coaches of USA) & a game.
Then a big piss up in a number of pubs.

Scribes Attire:
Sign up for attire (track suits, shorts, hoodies, toques)

Year End Video
Scribes are trying to compile a video and pics for the end of the year so please send any relevant footage or pics to Gavin. Games, boat races, tours, mischief, anything. Send it Gavs way.

Contact info:
Everyone please send your contact and emergency information to Dave
Phone Number
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Number

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