Scribes Game News and Events October 23

Men’s Rugby Team:
Men’s team play Kats RFC. Kick off at balaclava park at 1pm. Meet at the lounge at 11.15am to be on the road for 11.30am or at the field at 12pm to warm up. Map:
We lost last week in Kamloops 45-17. The game was tied 17 all at half time and it was our game until the 60th minute. They had almost enough subs for a 2nd team and we had 1.

Women’s Rugby Team:
Women’s Team is hosting United RFC at 1pm at Gordon Park tomorrow. Meet at the field at 12pm to warm up. Map:

Mini Rugby Team:
The minis are hosting their first ever home game at Trout Lake. We are hosting rowers, Burnaby and United.
We will have a BBQ and drinks after the games at the field.
We are wanting help and support from the men’s and women’s teams as there will be about 120 kids attending and we want to look like a club so everyone make a big effort to get down to the field and help out or support in club colours.

Help is needed from 9.45am to 11.30am/12pm on Sunday Morning!

Trivia night tonight (Friday Oct. 23) at the lounge starting at 8.30pm.
Halloween Party on Saturday Oct. 31 at 8:00pm; prizes for best costume.

Remembrance Day:
With Nov 11 being just around the corner, I thought that this would be an opportune time to climb up on my soapbox once again to stress the importance of Remembrance Day. This day has been earmarked as the one day of the year for us to honour the selfless acts that thousands of men and women made and continue to make for us. It’s not meant to be a day to go hiking, shopping or sleeping in until noon. Having our members out in numbers to both the ceremony as well as the drink-up post ceremony (which by the way, is an awesome time) is important! So before you make plans not to be there, make plans to be there! The Legion has been a strong supporter of the Scribes for a number of years and we need to support them in kind.

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