Planning Our Return to Rugby

Scribes RFC are making plans to return to the field in early 2021, and we are asking our players to sign up for the upcoming rugby programs.

Please follow this link and ensure you read the information below before you fill it out.

What’s the plan right now?
As you have probably heard BC rugby is making plans to move into Phase 4 in January, 2021. While we all know that in the current climate, with the numbers in BC currently rising, this may not happen. However, BC Rugby has a set a date for January 11th to start contact training within the club and games against other clubs to start in February. This is currently our target. Should things change, then this date would be pushed back and we would continue with Phase 3. This way, we have plans in place if we just stay in Phase 3, get pushed back into Phase 2 or if we can move up to Phase 4.

How can our club members help shape this plan?
Scribes, we need your help! Let us know what you, as an individual, would like to do. Continue to play touch, move to contact rugby or not.

BC Rugby is proposing the following options for Phase 4 rugby. Scribes players should indicate their preference:

1) Play contact rugby against other clubs from within our Health Region
2) Play contact rugby within our club
3) Play mixed touch rugby against other clubs from within our Health Region
4) Play touch rugby within our club.

We know what options 2 & 4 look like. Options 1 & 3 will be the following:

• 4 clubs to be placed in a pool & play each other twice over a 6 week period.
• There will be a 2 week break from inter club games and then we would play other teams over the following 6 weeks.
• There will be no playoffs etc.

What are cohorts?
Teams are now called cohorts of a maximum of 25 people. This includes the coaches. After people sign up for what they are willing to participate in, we will set up the cohorts. If we have more than 25 players, then we can look at setting up 2 cohorts.

What will the rugby format probably look like?
The plan is to play 10-a-side rugby matches. Whether there is one game or multiple games on a Saturday for a cohort is still to be determined. The clubs that we will be playing against still aren’t known nor are the divisions we will be in. Scrums will be 3v3, as will lineouts. 2 from each team in rucks, no mauling. Rolling subs (TBD), Tackle below the waist (not hips).

Where can players get more information?
As we are all in new territory, we continue to learn how we can get back to “normal” rugby. We will continue to make every effort to ensure we are bringing you safe rugby programs. Click here for the link to the slides that were presented by BC Rugby last week.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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