Game at Rowers, Halloween Party and More News

Good win last week against a young UBC team 17-6 to Us.

This week’s game against Rowers starts 11:30am at Brockton Oval. Meet at lounge at 9:45am for lifts out. Otherwise be at the field by 10.30am (map link =
We’re stopping at the pint after the game, shower at the field have a beer there and then off to the pint as they are a sponsor we need to support them.

There’s been a few new guys coming out to training. Remember that your dues must be paid in order to play on Saturday. Go to to pay your dues.

Halloween Party:
Halloween Party at the Lounge on Saturday night…dress up and get into the spirit..

Seattle Tour:
Saturday Dec 6th. Plan is to have a training session with their coaches (also coaches of USA) & a game.
Then a big piss up in a number of pubs.

Year End Video
Scribes are trying to compile a video and pics for the end of the year so please send any relevant footage or pics to Gavin. Games, boat races, tours, mischief, anything. Send it Gavs way.

Contact info:
Everyone please send your contact and emergency information to Dave H.
Phone Number
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Number

Sponsor a Stool
We will be buying a limited number of bar stools to go around our new bar. You have a opportunity to buy a stool for $100 and never go without a seat again in the lounge.
The $100 will get you an engraved name plate to go on the stool and the ability to sit on this stool whenever you like…even if someone else is sitting in it!
If we are over subscribed then a lottery will be held on Wednesday, November 5 where money and attendance are required if you want to sponsor a stool.

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