Game at Surrey and More News

Great win against Brit Lions last week–we won 30-7. Lots of news this week.

Scribes @ Surrey RFC
This is the last game of the regular rugby season. Game starts at 11.30am at Sullivan Park in Surrey. It takes 40 mins to drive there so meet at the Lounge at 10am ready to go by 10.10am latest. Guys with cars please call by the Lounge so we have enough seats.
Map link to field:

Players’ Dues
Dues are required, especially in light of the recent high-profile rugby injury. Pay online at
If you would like to get on a payment plan, please see Marcus or Dave Heikkila and a plan can be arranged for you. Some players are already on payment plans.

Rugby Insurance Coverage Summary
Here is the insurance coverage that we are getting for our players.

  • Private Duty Nursing by a licensed Graduate nurse, who does not ordinarily reside in the insured persons home or is not a member of his/her immediate family. $50/Hr, $5,000 Max.
  • Transportation costs, when such service is provided by a professional ambulance service to the nearest approved hospital which is equipped to provide the required and recommended necessary treatment. $5,000 Max for Ground Ambulance, $25,000 Max for Air Ambulance
  • Hospital Charges for the difference between the Public Ward Allowance under the insureds Provincial or Territorial health plan and accommodation for semi-private hospital room. $5,000 Max.
  • Rental of Wheelchair, iron lung and other durable equipment for therapeutic treatment, not to exceed the purchase price prevailing at the time the rental became necessary
  • Drugs and medicines prescribed by a physician or surgeon
  • Miscellaneous expenses such as hearing aids, crutches, splints, casts, trusses and braces but excluding replacement thereof
  • Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Certified Athletic Therapy, Chiropractor, maximum $300 per person per year
  • $1,500 Accidental Dental Benefit

The Lounge
Phase 1 of the renovations is pretty much complete. We should get the 1/4 round done.
Phase 2 – bar and ceiling above the bar – the ceiling tiles contain asbestos, and cannot be got so it has been suggested to put up drywall above the bar. More on this later.

Help Needed on Sunday
There are loads of bags of cans to be returned. Can anyone help out this Sunday to bring them back & sort them? Talk to Ed.

Cans Outside
We got in some bother with the Legion about cans outside and a few other incidents. Please don’t take you beers downstairs in future.

Remembrance Day
No game that weekend. The Legion need people to show up at 10am at the Legion to help out with moving some stuff around. It’s the Legion’s biggest day, so come down to the Legion for a beer and help them out.

Legion Membership
We want all members of Scribes (especially the exec) to be members of the Legion. It only costs $40 a year. There are applications forms in the Legion, so on Saturday when we come back from Surrey, I will bring them upstairs and everyone can start filling them in.

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