Home Game at Gordon Vs. Kamloops RFC

This week it’s a home game at Gordon Park vs. Kamloops RFC. Kick off at 1pm. Meet at lounge at 11.30 or at the field for 12. Map link: http://goo.gl/lij2Pr

The Lounge will be open early tomorrow for the internationals: England Vs. New Zealand at 6.30am and Ireland Vs. South Africa at 9.30am.

The Mexican
Romel’s send off is on Saturday evening. Make sure you get down to say farewell and have a last drink with The Mexican.

Remembrance day – We need 4 or 5 guys to help the Legion at 9.30am (and throughout the day if possible.
The folks at the Legion have been immeasurably generous to us over the years. They even immortalised us on the side of their building! They never ask for much, just a hand at a few events a year, with of course the most important one being Remembrance Day.

In previous years, we were quite prominent in our support for them at this event, providing a sound system and guys to help set up chairs, etc. The Scribes canopy was also set up to shelter the equipment and more importantly, publicly show our support for them but in the last couple of years, support has waned. It’s time that the Scribes again step up in numbers to support our veterans, neighbors and landlords. If you’re in town, put a shirt and tie on, throw a Scribes jacket over top, help out and share a drink after with the people that have given so much to us! Lest we forget…

Remaining schedule:

08 Nov 2014 Kamloops @ Scribes
15 Nov 2014 Burnaby @ Scribes

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