Live Final Update

Sunny day, crisp but nice, perfect for rugby.
Kick off 20 mins late.
Dan missed pen at 5.

Cj try between posts at 10min- broke from maul magician-like.
Dan missed conv.
SFU TRY at 15, converted.
7-5 score to SFU
TRY…CJ scores! Good team play 17min
Converted by Dan
12-7 scribes lead
Good def for a while but TRY in corner for SFU …12-12…26min
Missed conv.
35 mins good def. by scribes, they’re on our line.
Half time called we were on their 5m line!
12-12 at half…close game.

2nd half

Good runs by scribes, Luke almost in.
Yellow card for Simon – penalty SFU.
Last ditch tackle- saved a try though.
15-12 SFU.
11min in – 5 m scrum to SFU
Good Def by scribes
SFU TRY on 15min in corner. 20-12 SFU.
Missed conv.
17min SFU lineout on our 5m.
TRY SFU on 20min. Between posts 25-12.
Converted – 27-12 SFU
PenAlty kick missed by dan on 20min
Held up on SFU line good pressure by scribes 25mins
5m scrum on SFU line
TRY SFU only 5 mins to go converted 34-12
Final whistle. SFU win. They were a better team on the day.
34-12 final score.

12 years ago
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