Return to Rugby moved to February

The Scribes have now completed the Fall 2020 touch rugby season and we’re hopeful that we’ll be returning to the field in February, 2021.

In the interim, the Scribes have several online-only social activities planned for the weeks ahead.

All events will be posted on our events calendar:

1. Team Challenges

Rugby may be out, but there is always room for a challenge. This is open to everyone (players, juniors, alumni, parents, friends). Using the Teamlinkt App, we have created a Team called “Challenges”, click on “join a team”, enter the code: QNCW-P6KD and get to work on fulfilling the challenges. They can be sporting, skill development, social or just bonkers. It’s all for fun, so be honest.. Add photos into the Photo Album (please keep it family friendly)

2.  Virtual 12 Pubs of Christmas, December 19th 4pm.

The Scribes 12 Pubs has moved virtual! Let us be responsible for our own mess for once. It’s an exciting evening that you won’t want to miss. You will be greeted by a host every 20 minutes and given some details about the Drink, the rule & the game for that “venue”. Then sent to your breakout room for some madness. You will require to have the following items at home for the event:

·        Local beverages: bring 3 beers from Port Moody, New West and East Van; local ciders (or craft sodas) & a BC wine. International drinks are permitted, but they must be from a place you once called home.

·        Pizza (everyone has got to eat, our head chef will be giving tips about how best to cook your pizza). Be creative! Anything can be a pizza if it has tomato sauce and cheese on it.

·        Fruit: Apple, orange & a banana – the host will let you know what to do with it

·        A shot glass – the host will let you know what to do with it

·        Start the day with your best Christmas attire and prepare to get changed.

We have planned out a fun event which may ask you put on your favourite national rugby shirt and chat in accent of that country and many more that the hosts will tell you about on the day.

3. Last Wednesday before Christmas (aka Scribes Christmas Party), Dec 23rd, 6pm 

Not even a pandemic can stop us from meeting up for some Christmas cheer on the last Wednesday before Christmas!  This long-held Scribes tradition continues this year, albeit in a safe, socially-distant virtual manner.  We may not be in the clubhouse, but we will be among friends from new to young to old.

We’re trying to make this event as close to interactive as the real thing and invite our members to be prepared to share their favourite Scribes story or maybe even reveal your secret talent, be it telling a joke, throat singing or an interpretive dance. Former choir master Tom MacDonald is going to lead us and our fearless leader will briefly report on Scribes goings on, what the future holds and of course, deliver a heartfelt Christmas greeting to everyone.  There is a rumour that retired players want to take on the current players in a boat race.  This should be good…

As we all eagerly await a return to contact rugby, the provincial government has made it clear that things will look different until the pandemic is declared officially over. There are 2 major factors that will generate a need to train active players as referees:

 Looking to become a referee?

Current Reality

  1. The initial stages of return to contact will likely result in in-house matches (7s and 10s most likely). Referees are considered part of the cohort and therefore cannot move between cohorts without a 14 day break. In order to be allowed to organise pre-season, in-house matches there will need to be a certified (and registered) referee within the cohort. To avoid the same player having to miss out every week, each playing cohort should ideally have 2 or 3 certified & registered referees.
  2. When inter-club play begins, the existing pool of referees will appear smaller. Referees will need to remain with a cohort of 4 teams for 2 or 3 matches (or until they stand down for 14 days). This will result in a shortage of referees as many of our next generation of officials have work, family and other commitments from time to time. In the past referees could be rotated through divisions and teams to accommodate variation in availability. This will no longer be possible.

Call to action (L1 Referee Course March 7th Venue TBC)


Players rugby who are capable of running 5-6 Km per game and making decisions under physical & mental pressure are needed to avoid the potential cancellation of fixtures. No contact rugby match (even in-house) can satisfy sanctioning requirements without a certified & registered referee. Help the game and your club by training to become a referee. Having at least 2 player-referees registered within each team at the club will not only prevent the cancellation of fixtures, but enhance the game understanding of the whole group. It’s one thing to go online and learn the laws of the game, the real benefit is having someone in the team with real game management experience.

Register here:

Online Pre-course Prep


Register for a World Rugby Passport 

Complete 3 online certificates:


Course Delivery

1.5 hour Online Learning Component (Zoom Video Conference) February 4th 7pm
Click here to register

3.5 hour Practical On-field Component (100% on-field) February 6th (Winona Park) 10am


For Registered Players:

$73.50 (includes whistle, referee jersey) liability insurance included in player registration

For Registered Coaches:

$73.50 (includes whistle & referee jersey) + $51.46 (liability insurance upgrade) payable when the contact season starts

For Persons not registered as Players or Coaches:

$73.50  (includes whistle & referee jersey) + $124.50 (liability insurance for persons not registered already with Rugby Canada) payable when the contact season starts

Any questions can be directed to me (see below). I will be your course facilitator.

Chris Assmus
Rugby Education Manager | BC Rugby
2015 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C2
Office: 604-737-3065 ext 1002
Cell: 250-739-2527 |


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