Tag & Touch Rugby summer programs

What is Tag Rugby?

It’s very similar to touch rugby, but add tags or flags similar to flag football. The player is tackled by taking their tag. The player then plays ball from that point and play continues.

Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiKkP5YB30A&list=UU9FJ4CN4hCFOedGsksUmeRg&index=10

Tag Rugby Rules

The basic principles of rugby apply, i.e. the ball cannot be thrown forward. There are quite a few variations and of course there is no contact allowed. The ITRA have a great website about rules so just click on that: http://www.tagrugby.com/Basic-Rules-of-Tag-Rugby.html

Remember that it is co-ed and the girls are key to a successful team. When a guy scores a try is counts as one, but when a girl scores a try it counts for 3.

Remember Tag rugby is a strict non-contact game.


Members of Scribes RFC have created 6 teams and are looking for people to join in. Each squad should have 12 players. Games are 7 a-side including 3 girls on the field at all times. We encourage you to bring new people out to play rugby as this is a great opportunity to grow Scribes RFC during the summer months. If you would like to join a team or your own team, please email tagrugby@scribesrfc.com


Scribes RFC will provide the tags. Each team should have matching colour shirts. The games will be held on grass fields, so wear the appropriate clothing and footwear.


Trainings sessions and games are held at Trout Lake rugby field, located on North East corner of John Hendry Park, click here for the map. Changing rooms are located in the Trout Lake Community Centre located on the West side of the park on Victoria Drive and 15th Ave.


Scribes RFC will be running training sessions on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm from May 6th 2015. As most of us will be new to tag rugby, we would like to get some “training” sessions and to help new people to rugby to understand the game.


We would like every team to have at least one referee so that all games can be covered and that the job is shared among all teams. Referees will be trained during the “training” sessions in May.

Vancouver Tag Rugby League

The league is expected to start up on June 5th.


Registration will be free. All players must have their own personal insurance.

Contact us:





Post, Posting or Posted. This is the act of the Roll Ball. The ball is put between the players legs and rolled back. The ball must not be rolled back more than 1 metre.

The game is started with a kick off. The kick off may be a drop kick or a punt. The ball must be caught on the full, otherwise it must be kicked back. The kick may be taken from anywhere in the teams half.

If the kick is deemed uncatchable, the opposition may start the play by running the ball back.

After a team scores the play begins again with a kick off. The try scoring team kicks the ball.

The Touch is a 2 handed touch on any part of the players body or on the ball or a combination of players body and ball.

The person who takes the role of dummy half can cross the try-line but not score.

If the dummy half is touched while possessing the ball it is a turnover.
Turnover & Posting

After being touched, the player touched must post the ball between their legs at the point of touch known as the mark. If the player goes past the mark, the player must return to the mark before the player can proceed with posting the ball.

The attacking team continues play until they have had 6 touches. After 5 touches, the attacking team has the option to kick the ball. If they kick the ball, they must catch the ball on the full. If the attacking team gets another touch after the kick that is counted as the 6th touch.

If the ball is not caught on the full or the opposition catches the ball. The ball is then posted at the point of grounding by the opposition and the game continues.

After being touched 6 times the ball is handed over to the other side.

After touching the attacking player with the ball, all defending team members must retreat 5m. Any player that has not retreated 5 metres is deemed offside and must not attempt to touch an attaching player. If the touch is within 5 metres of the try line, the player does not have to go beyond that their own try line.

Ball to Ground: When the ball is dropped on the ground it is a turnover.

Turnover: When the attacking side looses the ball to the opposition.

No control: When the ball is thrown, dropped, knocked on, in a touch.
Turnover & Posting

Touch and Pass: When the person who is touched then passes the ball.
Turnover & Posting

Voluntary Rolled Ball or No Touch: When the player is not touched and rolls the ball between their legs.
      Turnover & Posting

More than a Meter: the ball must not be rolled more than one meter.
      Turnover & Posting

Once the ball is posted, the ball is live and the opposition may come up to defend the play provided they have retreated to the onside position.

If the attaching team brings the ball over the side line, there is a turnover. The game restarts with by posting the ball in line with the point of touch.

If there is no referee, the defending team makes the calls. Their decision is final.

Normal rules of rugby apply.