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First aid and insurance

First aid both preventative and reactive are important in this game. Scribes recognize this and as such have a dedicated team of Sports med BC qualified First aiders. They give pitch side assistance on any and all injuries and working in cooperation with the club management and team captains and coaches ensure player safety comes first.


Concussion protocol:


By far one of the most serious injuries occur around the head. The damage caused from a concussion can cause serious long lasting damage, as such we have developed a protocol and return to play based off of World Rugby  player safety reports.


Got a hit in the head, face or neck, here is a great website to inform you and your family about what to look out for:

Scribes Policy:

  1. If a player is suspected of a head injury they are removed from the field immediately & must not return during the game, while off field first aid to administer concussion tests 3 times over a 15 minute window to assess any degradation in quality of lucidity/severity.

  2. Player must be assessed by a medical professional for concussion. And feedback to coaches/management of diagnosis and ongoing therapy/rehabilitation

  3. Only a medical professional may give the player the green light to get back to playing contact rugby. This must be submitted in writing to the club president (Cam).

    • If Concussion is confirmed the player cannot play/ participate in contact for 2 weeks, 4 weeks for second concussion, 2 months for third, etc. 

    • Scribes medical team to communicate diagnosis of player to the wider medical team and keep track of concussion count per player. 

  4. The player is responsible for their own medical bills and may make a claim through the RC insurance plan.


Insurance and claim information:

All team members are required to have basic medical coverage, either through the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) or an alternative medical insurance, if ineligible for MSP. Rugby Canada’s insurance policy does not provide medical coverage if you do not have MSP.

Making a Claim

Please see below for steps for current insurance claim process:

  1. 1. Immediately complete an injury and witness report within 24 hours of the incident occurring​

    1. Injury report to be completed by athlete (if possible) or coach

    2. • Witness report to be completed by medical staff, coach, manager, match official or volunteer present

  2. Notify CHUBB Insurance, provincial union and Rugby Canada within 72 hours of the incident

    1. • Scan and Email reports to, provincial union contact, and

    2. • Should you have issues please call toll free 1-877-772-7797 (CHUBB Insurance)

  3. Athlete must acquire a physician referral for treatment before an insurance claim can be reimbursed for any treatment / medical expense

  4. Athlete acquires physician referral for treatment

  5. Referrals, invoices and receipts must be scanned and emailed to, provincial union contact and with the Subject Line: Rugby Injury & Claim – ________(Athlete’s first and last name)

  6. CHUBB Insurance Representative will process claim and notify athlete / parent of reimbursement

2018 Electronic RC Injury Report.pdf

2018 Electronic RC Witness Report.pdf


Everyone is expected to have MSP (BC’s public health system) or some sort of travel insurance that covers rugby. New residents to BC should apply for MSP as soon as they arrive here. Here is the link to get more information and get the process started:

Persons on a working holiday program need to have:

  • a working permit valid for at least six consecutive months or more,

  • must be staying in British Columbia for at least six consecutive months, and

  • be working a minimum of 18 hours per week.

To apply for coverage, those with a valid working permit on a working holiday program must submit the Application for Enrolment form (HLTH 102) (PDF, 587KB) with both of the following items to determine eligibility:

Confirmation of your employment in British Columbia with:

a copy of your employment contract indicating full-time status or the number of hours worked per week, OR a letter from your employer stating the date employment started and expected to end, and indicate full-time status or the number of hours worked per week.

Confirmation of your departure date from British Columbia

When you pay your dues you are automatically signed up to BC’s excess medical plan. There is a process to make a claim, so before you do make sure you read the following page:

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