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Member and Community Safety

Scribes Rugby Football Club (Scribes RFC) is dedicated to fostering a rich tapestry of diversity within our community, aspiring to cultivate an environment that is inclusive, respectful, and open to all who are part of our club. Our core principles of inclusivity, diversity, unity, camaraderie, respect, safety, accountability, and integrity define the fabric of our organization. We encourage members to actively engage in thoughtful dialogues, enabling the constructive resolution of conflicts, nurturing mutual understanding, and supporting individual growth and education.

Scribes RFC Incident Reporting Process

Upon becoming a member, individuals commit to upholding the Scribes RFC Code of Conduct. Recognizing that certain conflicts may necessitate the intervention of Scribes RFC to safeguard the well-being of our members, our values, and our reputation, a well-defined incident reporting procedure has been developed.

  1. Those who wish to report any breach of the code of conduct by a Scribes RFC Member can utilize the form at the bottom of this page and submit it to the Inclusion, Equity, and Reconciliation (IER) team. Alternatively, you can download the PDF and email the IER team at Please be advised that incidents involving criminal activities should be reported directly to the appropriate authorities.​

  2. Upon receipt, your report will undergo processing within 3 weeks, and access to the report will be limited to the President of Scribes RFC, and appropriate IER Committee individuals required for necessary deliberation to ensure a judicious course of action. 

    • The Chair of the IER Committee maintains consistent oversight of form submissions and IER email, and access is limited exclusively to the Chair and Vice-Chair. Reports are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are exclusively reviewed by the Chair (or Vice-Chair, should the Chair be unavailable) and the President as required.

  3. Subsequent to the review, the incident will be anonymised to the extent possible without removing pertinent details and presented to the IER Committee for thoughtful consideration of an appropriate course of action, to be evaluated by the President. The Committee convenes with the Chair or Vice-Chair for a summarized presentation of the report. 

    • Personal details of the involved parties remain confidential to safeguard their privacy and uphold the Committee's impartiality. Following the deliberation and establishment of a recommended plan, the Chair or Vice-Chair will present the proposal to the President for consideration.

  4. The President, in collaboration with the Chair or Vice-Chair, will then determine the most suitable actions to effectively address the incident. 

    • The response, contingent on the gravity of the situation and its repercussions for the affected individual and the club, encompasses a spectrum of possibilities, including but not limited to issuing warnings or penalties that span temporary suspension from the club and/or specific club activities, up to and including expulsion.


 For more information please refer to our Code of Conduct, as well as BC Rugby's Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy, other relevant documents.

Incident Report

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Incident Information

Thank you for reporting.

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